AirCool is made by organic natural cotton and is scientifically refined. It has good breathability, automatic humidity control and is smooth & cool. Ice silk also has anti-mildew, insect-proof, anti-static, UV-resistant, no radiation and other effects.

Pillow Plush Top mattresses have above-average initial comfort. Tops that include natural latex tend to have above average back pain-relief potential and conforming ability.

Natural Latex offers resilient, long lasting support and maximum breath ability. Latex has a open cell structure which means it moves with in the night and allows you to sink into the mattress without having to respond to body heat, meaning it does not need to warm up or retain heat for a cooler night’s sleep.

Euro tops have some padding underneath the top layer, and are supposed to cover the entire top surface of the mattress so that it is flush with the edges of the bed. This makes it so it doesn’t look like an extra layer just sitting on top of the mattress, but is more so a part of the mattress.

Memory Foam mattress fully get compressed with weight and spread the air pressure to the adjacent. This way, the pressure is getting spread to more and thereby resistance is reduced. Sleeping on memory foam is around to reduce the pressure points up to 80% and thereby ensuring increased blood circulation.

Anti dust mite to prevent sensitive or allergic.

It’s a turn free mattress, no matter how long it is being used.

Effective material to add support and make it firmer.

Mini Pocket Spring mattress is when they are used to compensate for deeper comfort layers where large quantities of fibers are used. Because pocket springs are designed in a way where they are slightly compressed, they tend to retain their comfort and height much longer than fibers. This means they can add extra durability to your mattress. Allowing it to perform at its best for longer.

AirCool 冰丝面料由天然有机棉制成,并且经过科学精制。 冰丝的含湿率最符合人体皮肤的生理要求,它具有光滑凉爽、透气。 冰丝还具有防霉,防虫,防静电,防紫外线,无辐射等作用。

Pillow Plus Top 独立垫层不仅仅形成了缓冲层的结构,更相当于有两个垫层,舒适性也两倍于一般的床垫。因为两个垫层共同支撑人体的重量,自然也就分摊了部分压力,使床垫的压力相对减少,从而增加了床垫的耐久性。

Euro tops在顶层下面便是天然乳胶和记忆棉覆盖床垫的整个上表面,以使其与床的边缘齐平。 这样一来,它看起来就不会像只是位于床垫顶部的额外层,而更倾向于这种海绵。

Memory Foam 记忆棉的材料对温度非常敏感,能够根据人体的不同部位的温度提供适合的软硬程度,这样得以身体的每一个部位都能够很好的休息与放松。记忆棉又称慢回弹,它是指当产品受压而下陷时,但是不会表现出强烈的反弹力,而是当压力移除后慢慢恢复原状,这样可以很好的将人体与记忆棉接触点的压力均衡分散,达到最舒适的状态。记忆棉最大的特点就是能够吸收并且分解人体的压力,而一般的床垫都会对人体有一个反作用力,那么脊椎和关节就会受到床垫的挤压,人就会感觉酸痛和麻痹,而记忆棉则没有反作用力,人就像浮在云端一样,全身血液通畅,那么人就会睡的很舒适。记忆棉特有的材质可以很好的抑制细菌和螨虫的生长,这样对容易过敏的孕妇和儿童而言是非常好的,而且人睡在上面不觉得闷热会感觉到非常通透。

Natural Latex 天然乳胶的超高弹性与贴合性,可让乳胶床垫适应不同体重的人群,自然适应睡眠者的任何姿势,天然乳胶还可以改善因睡眠所造成的腰酸和失眠。透气防菌、超高弹性、矫形功能、独立舒适、天然环保。

迷你袋装弹簧床垫的一大优势在于,当它们用于补偿使用大量纤维的较深的舒适层时。 因为袋装弹簧的设计使其受到轻微压缩,所以它们的舒适度和高度往往比普通袋妆弹簧更持久。 这意味着它们可以为您的床垫增加额外的耐用性。 使其表现更长久。


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