When you should replace your mattress?

Mattresses don’t last forever. If yours is over 10 years old, consider buying a new one.☺️

Mattresses collect dust, human skin cells, and body fluids over time. Some people try to revive their old mattress with a professional deep cleaning or a new mattress topper. These temporary solutions are stop-gap measures at best.😍

Here are some situations in which it’s definitely time to replace a mattress:🛏

The top is so worn that the inner springs are exposed. As mentioned above, a topper only masks this problem. Exposed springs threaten your comfort and support, and they’re definitely a safety hazard.❤️

The mattress has developed structural problems. Older mattresses may sag in the middle or collapse on the sides. Some people try to adapt to these inconveniences, but the fact is, an unsupported mattress puts unnatural stress on the body.☺️

Other warning signs that you may need to consider a new mattress include the following:

➡️You’re experiencing chronic stiffness or back pain, especially in the morning.

➡️You’re not sleeping well at night.

➡️You’re experiencing increased nighttime allergy symptoms.

➡️You notice that you get better rest in other places, such as a couch, chair, hotel, or friend’s guest room.


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